About River Salt Outfitters

Born out of a passion for wild rivers and wild fish, River Salt Outfitters is a fly fishing guide service specializing in swinging flies for steelhead on the rivers of the Pacific Northwest. During the winter and spring months we offer guided fly fishing trips on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, while the fall takes us east to the Klickitat River where we specialize in multi-day camp trips. We feel our greatest purpose when we are in these wild places pursuing what we love and sharing this experience with others. For us, swinging flies for steelhead is the medium through which we ground ourselves and find connection to the natural world.  It is all encompassing, an experience unlike any other and a manifestation of who we are. 

As a guide service, we strive to share our passion with others, as fully and openly as we can. We invite anglers of all abilities and ages to spend a day on the water with us (we love working with new anglers and first time spey casters). By providing the highest level of professional guiding, casting instruction, and trip preparation, our hope is that you lose yourself in the experience and come out the other side as a better angler. Regardless of your experience level, our goal is to meet you where you are and help build your skills as an angler from there. We pride ourselves on being uncompromisingly patient instructors with the ability to customize the day to make it the best experience possible.  We emphasize attention to detail, all the while not taking ourselves too seriously. We are deeply committed to building relationships and cherish the friendships we make on the water.  

A day with River Salt Outfitters is about more than just fishing. It is about immersing yourself in the experience and embracing the process. It is about a hot lunch and good conversation. It is about falling into the quiet rhythm of cast-swing-step-repeat and having all of your senses awakened by the tightening of your line. It is an experience unlike any other. We hope to have you out on the water with us soon.

Reid Curry

Owner/Head Guide

Reid Curry Fly Fishing Guide River Salt Outfitters

River Salt Outfitters is owned and operated by Reid Curry.  With over a decade of guiding experience throughout the Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, Reid has dedicated himself to sharing his passion for fly fishing with others.

"My pursuit of fly fishing has brought me all around the country and has landed me here in the Pacific Northwest, which I now call my home. 
Fly fishing plays a powerful role in my life. It is a vehicle for adventure and discovery - the medium through which I find connection to the natural world and an awareness of things greater than myself.  No matter how many times I pull on my waders and lace up my boots, the excitement never fades.  Each day begins with fresh anticipation and ends with new insights learned.  I am perpetually driven by the quest to discover what lies around the next bend, and like most anglers, my time on the water is never enough. 

My constant pursuit of time on the water is what initially led me to guiding.  Since beginning my career as a guide, my passion for the sport of fly fishing has evolved in ways I could not have predicted.  After a short adjustment period, I quickly discovered that it didn’t matter to me whose hand was holding the rod.  The places and the fish are what originally captivated me about fly fishing.  And now, sharing this with others expands my perspective on the sport and elevates my own enjoyment on the water.

My goal as a guide is to share my passion and knowledge as openly and fully as I can, to form lifelong relationships, and to help others become the anglers and fly casters they want to be.  I hope to offer a glimpse into what this pursuit means to me, and equip others with the skills necessary to discover what it means to them. I am always learning, and the anglers I am so fortunate to spend time with on the water are the greatest teachers I know."

Reid is an FFI Certified Casting Instructor, and a member of G.Loomis Fly Rods and Airflo Pro Staffs. During the "off season", Reid lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife Bryna and pursues his adjacent passions of Mountain Biking, Skiing, and Photography...and of course fishing, always fishing.

Reid Curry Fly Fishing Guide, owner/operator River Salt Outfitters