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March and April Date Availability

As we move out of February and into March, we have arrived at the peak of the Olympic Peninsula winter steelhead season. This past week has been a mixed bag in so many ways. We saw several days of phenomenal fishing followed by some days of tough fishing...pretty much par for the course in winter steelheading. The weather was quite the roller coaster as well...snow, sleet, hail, sun, wind...and at times all of those in the same day. If you are hoping to make it out for a day or two of winter steelheading this season, we only have a few dates left in March and April. Please be in touch if you would like to make any of these dates yours. 

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Bright Fish and Bright Sun - Olympic Peninsula Steelhead Report

Our Olympic Peninsula steelhead season has been off to a great start. We have been enjoying excellent river conditions, a bit of sunshine, and chrome bright steelhead on the swung fly!  That's right, I said sun. True story, it has been absolutely beautiful out here as of late. What's more, pretty much every river is in great shape right now.

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