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Demystifying Spey Part 2: Tips and Leaders

Happy New Year and thanks for tuning back in for the second edition of Demystifying Spey. In today's post we are talking all things spey tips and leaders. Specifically, we'll be diving into the correct tips and Poly/Versileaders to pair with a Skagit or Scandi spey setup, discussing the different options on the market, and hopefully making sense of it all. 

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Demystifying Spey Part 1: Lines - Skagit vs Scandi Heads

This is the first of a three part post series on the topic of Demystifying Spey. Meh, maybe it will be a four part series, this stuff is confusing. Actually, I am going to replace the word "confusing" with "nuanced"...this stuff is nuanced. My intention throughout this post series is to break down the primary components of a modern spey setup (rods, reels, lines, tips, and leaders), identify the various options on the market, and discuss the differences therein. Up first, Spey Lines: Skagit vs Scandi!

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